Share your story!

Until somebody teaches me how to write a simple interactive form, here’s what I’ve got: A list of questions. Best bet is to copy and paste them into a document, type out your answers and send the collected missive to Can’t wait.


What’s the name of the album and who’s the band or artist?

When did you first encounter it?

Where were you when you began to listen to it? (Specifically, if you would: what room of what house or what car? On what audio equipment, what neighborhood, what town or city or country? Basically, where were you in the physical world?)

What was going on in your life then? Good things? Lousy things? A mix? Tell us what was happening and who you were.

Where did you buy, borrow or steal the album (or tape or CD or, if you really go back, 8-track)?

What made you love it?

Do you have a favorite song or two? What made them special to you?

What other memories come to you when you think about it?

What else do you think made this album meaningful in the context of your life at that time?

Tell me anything else you’d care to recall. We love stories.